Mankind has always had a fascination with mimicry. Using the latest technology we have now considerably extended our capabilities. Robots can accurately copy the human gait at lifelike speed and in biped form maintain balance and climb stairs or negotiate rugged terrain. We have created visual and sound recognition capabilities, speech to text, text to speech and translation engines. We have devices that can detect chemicals at far lower concentrations than possible by our own sense of smell and taste. We are starting to replace body parts using highly sophisticated mechanical prosthetics and biologically engineered components. We have finally sequenced the entire human genome and are beginning to understand some of the more complex interactions that have previously remained a mystery.

We are making good progress in understanding the most complex organ in the body however our attempts to recreate some of the capabilities of the human mind have been limited to say the least. There are many types of artificial intelligence (AI) research, however there is one area where very little progress has been made despite our great advances with technology - that of cognition. Alan Turing postulated that if a computer could respond to human dialogue in such a way as to be indistinguishable from a human then the computer could indeed be deemed to be intelligent. Six decades later we have made little progress. There have been many attempts to create such a program however all such endeavours fall far short of realising this dream.

In less than three years we will make ground-breaking progress using novel approaches and design. Current avenues of research are regrettably heading down blind alleys - the rule book needs to be thrown away. We do not aim to fully reverse engineer the processes of the human mind but will encapsulate some key capabilities and create an intelligent program with cognitive ability. This will be an historical achievement. We will create the first generation of an application that has almost limitless potential.

"Some things seem improbable. Absolutely nothing is impossible." - AP